Monday, September 14, 2009

Christian Teachings are Static

The human race's understanding of the world and universe around us has grown several orders of magnitude over the past 1500 years. But, the core Christian teachings of the stories in the Bible have not changed much, if at all, over the same period. The Reformation was largely institutional, incorporating the modified doctrine of a personal relationship with Jesus, but the teachings of Bible stories remained the same as before. Beginning with Copernicus, then through Newton, Darwin, and Hawking, many of the rigidly-held historical teachings of Bible stories were discovered to be incorrect. Rather than change the approach to these challenged stories and make them fit such discoveries, all Christian churches and denominations have used a different tactic. It is now generally taught that the stories in the Bible themselves are mythic. We can't really believe them to be factual. The important thing is the moral, ethical, and spiritual philosophies the stories represent. This approach is a dangerous cop-out. Continuing in this direction promises to eventually turn Christianity into a purely mythic theosophy. St. Augustine taught that if our understanding of the world contrdicts our interpretation of scripture, then we are interpreting scripture incorrectly! Human understanding of God's creation has evolved, but Christian understanding of God's Word has not. It's time for this to fact the change is long past due. The only interpretational doctrine that seems to have stood the test of time is Kabbalism. My research indicates that Kabbalist methodologies have only once been applied to Christian theosophy, by several 17th century British Pre-Enlightenment figures like Isaac Newton, Henry More, and Vizcountess Anne Conway. The world wasn't ready for it then. I pray the world is ready for it now!

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